“Art doesn’t have a function, art is a function”. Artists during COVID and other disasters.

Mid Semester Project Review

Many years have passed since music came into my life. I was barely a five-year-old girl when I began to discover the magical language that finds a way to convey all kinds of feelings. As for many people, music has been a companion of adventures and has allowed me to grow through complex situations. Last year during this time the global reality had turned dark. During this period of reflection, as I have wanted to call it, our bodies and minds underwent an unprecedented transformation. Confinement caught me living in a house that was not mine, and with a person that I didn’t know very well. But the songs collected over the years were always found. And the new sounds appearing on social media and virtual concerts made the journey a little more colorful. Many of the artists I know lost their regular jobs and started making videos, covering songs, and collaborating virtually across the globe. I even picked up my clarinet a couple of times after not playing for more than two years. During this time, I showed myself once again that art heals us and always finds a way to bring us beauty.

Final Project Outline

- Introduction — Describe the importance music has had in my life experience and how it was also important during the confinement period.

  • Pepo’s interview, children’s album created during COVID, and online music therapy.
  • Cesar’s interview — Talk about his experience of having an important exhibition canceled due to the virus and the new projects that emerged during this crisis that seems to continue in his hometown.


  • Alejandro’s interview. His life as a filmmaker in New York City during the crisis. Talk about his project


  • Reflect and how art helps us overcome difficult situations like covid.


Interview — Pepo — Music

Interview — Ale — Film (This interview will be done this upcoming weekend July 30th — August 1st)

Interview — Cesar — Visual Arts (This interview will be completed this Wednesday, July 28th)

Project Proposal

Dear Professor,

Artists have been the oxygen of my life. Artists are the people who I understand the most, even when I don’t quite understand them, and through whom I’ve discovered the most “insignificant” details in the world. When I mention the word artist, I’m not only referring to those who have been academically trained, or those intellectuals that could guide a conversation using the simplest terms but rather chose to go a long way; I’m referring to those who trespass one’s physical body to gift a meaningful piece of their heart. Art was also my escape door from growing up in a society that bans an individual’s basic freedoms, and where artists are still being oppressed for expressing their ideas freely.

I would like to write an online article to narrate the experiences of three different artists through the recent COVID crisis. I would also like to talk about the importance of their work for the society they’re a part of, as well as their thoughts on the importance of art.

I’m a Liberal Arts student from the BPATs program. I have never professionally practiced writing, but I’m discovering the enjoyment of narrating significant topics through the work we do in this class. I appreciate you taking the time to review this proposal.





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