Cuba is more than a blue sea

The past year has been covered in uncertainties, losses, protests, and awakenings worldwide. Historical moments have occurred, and continue to occur within Cuban’s civil society, in response to the current global crisis, and also to the internal crisis that the country has suffered for a little more than six decades. In November of last year, peaceful protests were unleashed in different nations in order to support young people who yearn for a change in that country, in which the political police repress anyone who does not agree with the ideas imposed by the government since 1959. On November 30, I joined a protest for the first time. On the morning of that day, I woke up to prepare my poster and after thinking several times about the message I wanted to sustain, I finally decided that it was going to be: “NO MORE REPRESSION IN CUBA”. The protest took place in front of the headquarter of the Permanent Mission of Cuba in NYC. A small group of Cubans of various ages gathered that day calling for the freedom of political prisoners and the end to the violation of rights in our country of origin. Despite the fear that my mother felt, given that she was born in a place where the word protest was not even a possibility, I was determined and went there with the satisfaction that I was contributing to the change in the reality of those artists, and my friends, who live without freedoms.

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